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ZipSkinny is the only zip code finder and zip code information lookup website you’ll ever need. Put in any US zip code and ZipSkinny will give you everything you might want to know about that neighborhood. It is especially useful for folks who are planning to move to a new area and want to find out as much as possible about the place. Simply enter the zip code, sit back, and wait for the demographics.

Zip Code Finder

Find out the zip code location, how many people live there, % of married/single/divorced people, average income, number of the public schools in the area, and lots more.

Zip Code Information Lookup

Keep in mind though, while the website provides lots of interesting stats about the zip code area, it’s designed to give only a general idea. In some cases it can be inaccurate. So you can’t use it as a primary source for any serious research.


    (1) Look up general info about the zip code: educational achievements, marital staus, household income, occupations, race, age, gender etc.

    (2) Visualize zip code related information on charts.

    (3) See how given zip code compares with other neighborhood areas. Using this handy feature you can compare up to 20 zip codes.

    (4) See top 100 zip codes for United States (or top zip codes by state) based on various criteria i.e. population density, median income, unemployment rate, college graduation etc.

    (5) Check all public schools in that area code. Since this information is based on the NCES “Common Core of Data” you only get information about public schools.

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    (6) Check out the given zip code on the map.

    (7) Widget: Generate a widget for any zip code and embed it onto your website or blog.

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you can also try if you want quick zip code info


Ed Westberg

The only way your racial demographic of Vienna , IL is an accurate depiction of the existing population is if you are adding the inmate populations of the 2 prisons in the area . If so , this is very misleading and should be acknowledged . If not , it casts doubt on the veracity of your compilation .


Ed Westberg

Inre: Demographics for Vienna , IL – zip code 62995 . Did you include the 2 area prisons (Vienna Correctional and Shawnee Correctional)in your compilation ? This appears to be the only way you could have arrived at the percentages ( racial , age , and male/female )you offer . Did you get them from the 2000 census ? If so , that is an inaccurate portrayal of the area and should be addressed if only through the upcoming 2010 census , .

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