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Zip code location visualizer tool built by Ben Fry. Start typing in any US zip code, and as you type each digit of the code, it will simultaneously show you a coverage area on the map. And so on until it gives you the exact location. So if you want to find a location of some zip code and or simply want to see how US zip code system is laid out, go to

zip code locations


  • Quickly find zip code location.
  • Visualize US Zip Code coverage area on the map as you type.
  • Zoom in to see area details.
  • Note compatible with latest Firefox 3.o

See sample snapshot showing the location of zip code 383 52

zip code location area

To sum up, Zipdecode is a nice little app to get a visual overview on the desired zip area. On the other hand, if all you need is a dead-simple zip code finder you should go ahead and try ZipSkinny or ZCmap.

Go to Zipdecode @ (via

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