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Quite often, renting an item makes more sense than buying it outright – renting an apartment for a couple of months, renting a car for a weekend travel or even a high resolution digital camera for your summer trip.

If you think that some items probably are not available for rent, check out It is a rental marketplace where you can rent anything from other people. The site lists thousands of rental items in different categories.

rent anything

Search rental items by keywords and location or browse by categories. Filter results by distance, price, item rating etc., and compare them side-by-side. Click to view the item’s daily rental price, condition, location, rental time interval and other info. Ask questions from the owner or book it online by signing up.

If you have items laying around and not being used you can rent them out to other people and make some cash.

For more info watch the video below:



  • Online peer-to-peer rental marketplace.
  • Rent items in various categories – books, tools, gadgets, furniture, apartments  and more.
  • Search rental items by keywords and location.
  • Filter results by distance, price, item’s rating etc., and compare different items side-by-side.
  • Rent out your own stuff.
  • Free, sign up to get started.

Check out Zilok @

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