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Recent Facebook privacy settings change caused an outrage among users. The level of exposure it brought to Facebook accounts made many people unhappy. If you are unsure what this update has done to your profile and want to find out which of your Facebook pages are visible publicly head to Zesty Facebook Privacy Checker.

It is remarkably simple website which shows us our Facebook information which regular internet users can view. We start off with entering our Facebook username and clicking on “GO.” The site then shows us our information directory in the lower left pane.

facebook privacy checker

Clicking on each subfield in the directory shows us the information in that directory which internet users can view. For instance clicking on the family members might bring up our Facebook family connections, in case we have not set the privacy preference to hide them.

Zesty Facebook is a great quick way to keep our Facebook privacy in check.

facebook privacy checker


Check out Zesty Facebook Privacy Checking Tool @

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