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Powerpoint has changed public speaking, in that those listening to a presentation have visual cues and point forms to glance at. These cues and points often give context to a speaker.

Zentation aims to bring the advantages of a PowerPoint presentation to the web, by combining and syncing slides of Presentation with video. First, upload a video of yourself speaking. Then upload the PowerPoint presentation. Finally, tell the program at which points in the presentation you’d like to change slides.

presentation with video

While this could be accomplished by simply editing the video to occasionally show the slides, Zentation’s solution allows those viewing a presentation online to look at what they want when they want, more realistically simulating the experience of being there in person for the presentation.

presentation with video

Note that the site employs a freemium structure. The free version allows you to embed YouTube or Google Videos into the service and synchronize those with your PowerPoint presentation. Uploading videos to Zentation itself costs extra. For many, however, the free version will work perfectly.



  • Share your presentation with those who can’t physically make it.
  • Synchronize videos of presentations with the relevant PowerPoint slides.
  • Free version synchronizes with YouTube videos.

Check out Zentation @

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