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Zefty is an online application that helps parents teach money management to children and also track their allowances. Using Zetfy Parents can now set up virtual accounts for their kids and then specify how much allowance they are getting. The kids can then log in into their accounts and see how much money they have. The application works just like actual bank account but everything is based on virtual money.

teaching money management to children

Using Zefty kids can adopt smart spending and saving habits. There are also additional features like ZeftyCalc to calculate how much they need to save for a purchase and ZeftyChecks to print, sign, and hand checks to the parents for cash redemption. It even allows automated recurring transfers from parents’ account to kids’ accounts to teach them the concept of direct deposits.

Main Features:

  • Online tool to teach money management to your kids.
  • Track and manage your kids’ allowances.
  • Additional features:
      – ZeftyCalc: Lets children calculate how much they need to save for a purchase.
      – ZeftyChecks:  Lets children  print, sign, and hand checks to the parent for cash redemption.
      – Setting automated recurring transfers and more.
  • Free and simple to use.

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