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One of the many things YouTube is used for is listening to music. There are countless music videos on the site that people listen to ever day. But when somebody listens to the song and they need to check up on the song’s lyrics, they need to exit YouTube and visit some other website. The same applies for checking the artist’s bio, news, pictures, Twitter feed, etc. What would be really helpful is for you to have access to all this information from within YouTube. A tool called “Zazoo” helps you do this.


Zazoo is a free to use browser tool that helps music lovers get all the artist information relevant to a song they are listening to on YouTube. The tool works as a browser extension that is compatible with Google Chrome.  With the extension installed, you find a new small window that appears to the right of your music video in YouTube. Through this window you can check out the song’s lyrics simply by clicking on the ‘Lyrics’ button. You will find that the lyrics to most songs are available in the window; for songs where the lyrics are unavailable, you can request the extension to add lyrics for the song soon.


The window also gives you access to the band’s detailed information. You can check out the band’s biography and photographs in the window. The Twitter feed and other videos can also be found for the band.



Tour dates and relevant band news can also be found within this application.


For similar music and for discovering new bands, you can use the playlist button to check out what playlists are available.


  • A user friendly browser tool
  • Compatible with Google Chrome
  • Provides you song lyrics within YouTube
  • Offers detailed band information within YouTube
  • Provides band tour dates and relevant news
  • Offers precreated music playlists

Check out Zazoo @ 

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  1. Dedo
    June 12, 2012 at 10:43 am

    Wow, what a great tool this is. Easy to use and really helpful. I love the Bio part and of course the "sing along" part.
    thank you for this post