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Online file converters usually cater to only a specific file type i.e. they only handle audio files, videos, or documents. This makes you bookmarks different online converters for different file types. Here to solve this problem by offering all converters in a single web tool is a site called Zamzar.

online file format converter

Zamzar is a free to use web service that lets you easily convert files from one format to another. The site supports the conversion of all files that are less than 100MB large. Whether your files are documents, videos, music, or compressed archives, Zamzar detects them and lets you convert them to a variety of file formats. From DOCX to JPG, 3GP to TAR, a wide variety of file formats are supported. During conversion you provide the site with your email address so as to be notified when your converted file is ready for download. Zamzar also lets you download videos directly from a webpage’s URL.


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