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Yuuguu is a free desktop sharing software (Mac, Windows) that lets you (1) share your computer screen with others, (2) collaborate on running programs with colleagues, and (3) take control of each other’s computer screens and applications.

Yuuguu Features

  • Share your computer screen with coworkers and Access/Control each other’s PCs remotely. (eg. work)
  • Remote Collaboration: Easily share running applications (Word, Powerpoint, etc.) with others.
  • Integrated group instant messaging. Store and Keep history of all conversations online.
  • Cross platform: Connect to and control PC from Mac, or Mac from PC.
  • Firewall friendly: No need to adjust firewall settings.
  • All data transfers are secure and encrypted (128 bit SSL).
  • More Questions? Go to YuuGuu FAQ page.
Desktop Sharing Software

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