YTPodcaster: Turn YouTube Videos into Video Podcasts

YTPodcaster is a¬†YouTube podcaster tool that lets you convert Youtube videos into video podcasts. All you have to do is enter YouTube username into provided field and click on “Get Feed”¬† button. The application will process your query and create a video podcast from 20 most recent YouTube videos posted by that user.¬†Just choose the feed type you want and subscribe to it in your podcast/feed reader.

ytpodcaster   YTPodcaster: Turn YouTube Videos into Video Podcasts

There is also an option to download videos as MP4 files, or you can select your region and subscribe to any of the standard YouTube feeds (e.g. Most Discussed Today or Most Viewed of All Time) as Video Podcasts.


  • Create YouTube videos into a podcast.
  • Converts 20 most resent videos of supplied username.
  • YouTube video downloader also supported.
  • Free and no registration.
  • Similar sites: YouTubePodcaster.

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It’s no longer working, aren’t there any clones?

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