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YTPlaylist is a nifty YouTube playlist maker that helps you effortlessly create playlists out of different videos, and then share them with friends or embed them on your website. What I like about this tool is its user interface and the various options it provides. When you search for videos, they appear on the right sidebar from where they can be added to the playlist. Clicking on a result lets you preview the video. Once the playlist is done, you can specify a URL and share it. You can also choose if the videos play automatically. Oh, and the tool doesn’t require you to register.

embed youtube playlists

One hidden feature of this tool is auto-buffer. That means while a video is being played, other videos in the playlist get buffered automatically in the background. You can also alter the positions of the videos in the playlist easily.

For more info watch demo video:


  • Easily create, embed and share YouTube playlists.
  • No sign up needed.
  • Embed the playlist on your blog easily.

Check out YTPlaylist @

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