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Ever meet somebody cute you just could not talk to for one reason or another? If so, then you will definitely be thankful for “YouWereCute” – a web service that helps connect you with the cute somebody you could not get the phone number of.

website missed connections

YouWereCute is a simple and free website with a wonderful concept: helping you find the people you found to be cute. For instance you saw a cute girl exiting a coffee shop but before you could go to her, she took a cab and left. If something like that happens, you simply visit “YouWereCute” and fill out a message for that special somebody.

website missed connections

Your message must have a location and title. The body of the message can be anything you want. You can even draw a sketch with the simple paint tools available. When submitted, the message will appear on the map (top image) and can be viewed.


  • A user friendly website.
  • Helps you connect with people you found cute.
  • Lets you specify where you saw this person.
  • Lets you draw something to accompany the message you send out to the special someone.

Check out YouWereCute @

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