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YouTweak for YouTube is a free to use browser tool compatible with Google Chrome. The tool comes as an extension for the Chrome browser and its function is to tweak the YouTube interface in minor but significant ways that will greatly improve your overall YouTube experience.

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You must start by installing the extension onto the browser. Your next step is to head over to the extension’s options page. Here you are able to tweak a good number of YouTube settings. For example, you can choose to add a ‘remove’ button for subscription videos. Enabling this option displays a remove button that hides videos using YouTube’s inbuilt hide video option. You are also able to change the default link that you are redirected to when you click on the YouTube icon.

Previously watched videos can be removed easily either by having a button added that lets you exercise this option or simply by removing those videos automatically. You can have the default video quality set to HD through another one of the tweaks. If you do not want the videos to begin automatically playing once you load up a YouTube page, you can check the “Stop autoplay of videos” option. In addition to these, you get options to automatically clear all videos from the subscriptions page and load all videos to your subscriptions page.

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