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Not many YouTube users know that by making a small change in the youtube video url, you could actually link to a specific point of that video. You just need to add #t=2m15s, where ‘m’ is minutes and ‘s’ is seconds and you get to the part of the video which is 2 minutes and 15 seconds from the start. You could change the minutes and seconds accordingly.

It’s a simple change to be a made but for those who don’t know or have to make changes to multiple videos and don’t want to do it manually, you’ve got YouTubeTime, a free online app which does the work for you. You could also preview the video before sharing it with someone.

link to a specific point in a youtube video


  • Quickly link to a specific time in a YouTube video.
  • Preview the video to check.
  • Simple and no sign up required.
  • Similar web tools: TubeChop and Splicd.

Check out YouTubeTime @

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