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Life in a Day is an interactive project from YouTube that takes a snapshot of peoples lives on a regular day. While this may seem crazy and a bit scary for some, there are enough people who are willing to do this. YouTube’s Life in a Day project is a graphical 3D sphere made up of 80,000 videos by people who participated in this experiment.

life in a day

To start watching these videos, simply go to the official Life in a Day channel on YouTube and you will be directed to a 3D sphere of compiled videos. From there, you can view each of these videos or post and view comments.  Videos are categorized according to mood, location, type of place, and time of day that they were taken.

All videos from this project were taken last July 24, although they are still accepting submissions.. A good selection of these videos will be included in the final documentary that will be shown at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. If your video makes it to the movie you will be credited as the co-director of the film.

life in a day

This YouTube channel is perfect for anyone who is curious to see what other people are doing in the rest of the world, even just for a day.



  • Watch a snapshot of the world from videos around the world.
  • Submit your own video and get selected.
  • Watch all videos by browsing the 3D globe.
  • Watch behind the scenes features from Director Kevin MacDonald.

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