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As far as the largest collection of Creative Commons (CC) licensed videos is concerned, YouTube is now king of the pile. It now has over four million videos licensed for free use, which is a huge figure. But more than that, it represents a treasure trove for users who want to mine this for their own creative projects. A Creative Commons license on any media opens it up for reuse, remix, and re-imagination.

Also, another feature that will add to this mammoth number is that now you can license your uploaded videos as Creative Commons by default. These landmarks could give a fillip to anyone who is looking to enhance their creative work by using freely available material on YouTube. That, in fact, is the spirit of the CC BY program of the Creative Commons organization.

Cathy Casserly, CEO of Creative Commons speaks about it on the YouTube blog:

Imagine seeing your footage used by a student in Mumbai, a filmmaker in Mexico City, or a music video director in Detroit. By letting other people play with your videos, you let them into a global sandbox, kicking off a worldwide team of collaborators. We all yearn to create and contribute – now you can join the fun, and open the door to collective imagination.

If you would like to open up your uploads to the wider community with a CC BY license, select Creative Commons Attribution license from the License and rights ownership menu on the YouTube editor.

Are you willing to give up your copyright for the greater good? Tell us.

Source: YouTube Blog

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