YouTube Showcase: The Comedy Stylings of Adam Buxton [Stuff to Watch]

Every now and again it’s fun to showcase a particular YouTube user in the regular Stuff to Watch column, and this week it’s British comedian and Internet funny guy Adam Buxton. Unlike the average YouTube success story, Adam was already known for his career on British TV and as part of the comedy duo Adam and Joe before taking his comedy online.

Buxton is one of the few mainstream comedians who embraced Internet culture from early on in his career, and rather than making predictable jokes about Twitter and Facebook has always been a bit of a geek at heart. His YouTube comment readings (yes, really) are not to be missed and he knows a thing or two about writing a catchy song about video games too.

So sit back and enjoy some comedy to start your week.

YouTube Comment Readings

It’s an insanely simple concept, but not something everyone is capable of pulling off. YouTube’s commenting system is a perpetual battleground where trolls and the occasional well-rounded individual meet to do battle with words. Take the comments out of context and into the real world, add an audience and hilarity ensues.

The video below is a reading of the YouTube comments from this famous video titled “Apple Mac Music Video”.

Adam has made reading YouTube comments somewhat of a trademark of his, and in 2010 he produced a new way of watching music videos with The Bug Playlist. This YouTube playlist fused varied music videos old and new with short bursts of entertainment, among them some YouTube comment readings. Below are a selection of comments from Plan B’s Prayin’ music video:

And the same, for the infamous Die Antwoord song, Enter the Ninja:

And one more time with feeling for the brilliant OK Go with End Love:

Musical Comedy

In addition to being a pretty funny guy, Buxton has proved his musical worth too. If you’ve seen any children’s TV recently then you’re bound to appreciate the parodic Counting Song (below) which mixes learning to count with the problems life will inevitably throw at you:

Those of you who spent your childhood playing video games indoors when the sun was shining brightly outside will appreciate this on so many levels. It’s also insanely catchy:

Do you hate music videos? Me neither, but it’s easy to mock them, which is exactly what is going on in the video below:

Skits & Other Random Bits

This video from 2008 has recently become relevant again as the US takes to the polls, though President Obama wouldn’t have even served a full first term with a speech like this:

Voiceover work is another of Buxton’s talents, as is seen in this video of the historic toppling of Saddam Hussein’s statue in Baghdad in 2007, making light of the relentless news coverage of the event:

Every man needs a shed, apparently, and this is a video about a man who takes to his shed to “have an adventure” but things take a turn for the worse when Adam runs out of beer:

What do you get when you edit together those awkward moments where newsreaders look around blankly, not saying a word? No news:

Richard and Judy are British daytime TV hosts whose show used to consist of a segment called “You Say We Pay” where the caller describes the celebrity and the hosts have to guess who it is. The segment was eventually pulled due to viewers being cheated and the organisers were fined a whopping £150,000. That makes this video all the funnier:

The Rest

You can check out the rest of Adam’s videos over at, and let us know if you have any favourites or other YouTube comedians that crack you up in the comments, below.

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