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YouTube is finally bringing an official application to the PlayStation 3. The new application is available to download now, from the PlayStation Store. As you would expect, it is free, and offers much of the important functionality users expect from YouTube. The PlayStation 3 has a browser, so it has always been possible to watch videos on YouTube, but this app is poised to take that viewing experience to the next level.

The app has a slick user interface and all the key features that video watchers are looking for. You can use the search function to type in exactly what you are looking for. Simply type in a query, and you will be ready to start viewing.

You can log in with your YouTube account and see the latest videos from your subscribed channels. This helps to reproduce the personalized experience you get from using YouTube in a web browser. They also have a recommendations section to help you discover new content.

The coolest feature is the ability to use your smartphone as a remote to control YouTube. You can pair your device using the PS3’s built-in Bluetooth and control everything with ease. You can even use the phone to find videos and then with a click, they will play on your TV through the PS3.

This looks to be fantastic use of the features of the PS3 and YouTube. PlayStation 3 owners who use the system as their main media player, and not just a gaming console, should really enjoy this new app.

Source: YouTube and Sony

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