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YouTube could easily replace your television. With the countless entertaining videos the site has, if you could somehow view the site on your television and control the video via a remote, you will be sitting in front of your television for hours being entertained. Fortunately that is now possible, thanks to YouTube Remote.

youtube android phone

YouTube Remote is a free smartphone application for devices running on Android. The app lets you connect your phone with a Google TV device. This is done via creating a virtual connection between your Android phone and YouTube Leanback on the Google TV; you can also connect to your computer with the same YouTube account.

You will now be able to select and queue YouTube videos on your Android device while playing them on the bigger screens. Besides playing and queuing, other things the app can do with the videos include pausing, skipping, forwarding, rewinding, and volume-controlling.


Check out YouTube Remote @ the Android Market by searching for it (via VentureBeat)


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