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Smaller content creators now can rejoice as YouTube opens up its live streaming service to anyone who has a minimum of 100 subscribers. YouTube shared this welcome update on its Creators blog, and said any account meeting this criterion should see the feature within the next few weeks as it gets rolled out gradually. This is indeed good news for niche and independent channel partners as the live streaming service was earlier restricted to 1000 subscribers or more.

Along with the live streaming update, YouTube will also allow custom thumbnails to go with the video uploads. Custom thumbnails are a nice introduction to any video and tell the viewer what he expects to see. It helps the video standout with its own brand amidst the crowd. Monetization gets a boost with annotations that will allow the creator to link in-video elements to any online store selling the specific merchandise, for example: a coffee mug shown in the video or the T-shirt worn by the presenter. Annotations can also be linked to the channel’s website and direct website there. Playlists also get friendlier – now you can mark your playlists as a series, and viewers will be able to see the next video or the next episode in the series. This helps them navigate through a long playlist.

YouTube Live

YouTube has explained all the new features on the YouTube Creator Playbook. The changes are designed to optimize not only the viewing experience, but also the making. The opening up of live streaming to smaller channel partners should see a lot of niche content getting their due. Unlike Google Hangouts, YouTube allows for more creative space. It would be interesting to see the churn. How do you view these latest changes? Do you have a channel of your own on YouTube that qualifies?

Source: YouTube Creators Blog

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