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YouTube has introduced YouTube Live, a live streaming channel where one can watch videos of events as they happen (i.e live). Some events in the past have been live streamed on YouTube but now they’ve got a dedicated page for such streams. So you can watch the live video and also communicate with your friends on YouTube in real-time while watching it.

They’ve just started the section and there are already some popular channels that can be seen.

youtube live channel

As you see in the above screenshot, it has the DLF IPL cricket league (the biggest sports event in India) streaming live.  This just goes to show the kind of events you can expect to find going forward on this section of YouTube. YouTube plans to allow more partners to live stream their shows on YouTube Live in the future.


  • Live streaming section on YouTube.
  • Number of popular live events and channels available.
  • Chat with YouTube buddies while watching the streams.

Check out YouTube Live @


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  1. Anonymous
    July 1, 2011 at 8:04 am

    YouTube is an American company, most people on YouTube speak English, yet 50% of the Live channels are in foreign languages, of the other 50%, only a very few are actually "Live", most are garbage like fashion channels, foreign news and 12 year old dorks playing video games. Tonight in the Live YouTube we had the unique pleasure of watching a dude scratch his nose and mumble for 3 hours (Well, some people did, I didn't stay but that's what all the comments said and it looked like that to me when I got there). These are the "partners" they're choosing to roll this new feature out with? Yeah, this is going to be a huge success. I know there's a huge demand for Indian Cricket in YouTube's country of origin where most of its users are located. NOT. Even if there were, that isn't "Live" it's pre-recorded. Might as well just give that channel a real long recording time and let them upload the stuff to their regular channel. As far as I can tell (And I've been watching since day one) this whole YouTube Live thing is a complete fiasco. I'd much rather watch paint dry.