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YouTube has introduced YouTube Live, a live streaming channel where one can watch videos of events as they happen (i.e live). Some events in the past have been live streamed on YouTube but now they’ve got a dedicated page for such streams. So you can watch the live video and also communicate with your friends on YouTube in real-time while watching it.

They’ve just started the section and there are already some popular channels that can be seen.

youtube live channel

As you see in the above screenshot, it has the DLF IPL cricket league (the biggest sports event in India) streaming live.  This just goes to show the kind of events you can expect to find going forward on this section of YouTube. YouTube plans to allow more partners to live stream their shows on YouTube Live in the future.


  • Live streaming section on YouTube.
  • Number of popular live events and channels available.
  • Chat with YouTube buddies while watching the streams.

Check out YouTube Live @


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