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YouTube isn’t known for making discovery of songs from one particular artist or band easy. Now, that changes with a small but important addition when you type in a search – a long list of the top tracks and albums all linking to the videos YouTube has on their site. Click on any of the tracks, albums, or the large thumbnail on the top and you immediately jump into a custom playlist Streamus Is The Easiest, Coolest Way To Play Music From YouTube In Chrome Streamus Is The Easiest, Coolest Way To Play Music From YouTube In Chrome More teens listen to music through YouTube than any other source. So it makes sense to make it easier to listen to YouTube through your browser. And that's what Streamus does for Google Chrome. Read More . Then lean back and listen to your favorite artist without any further intervention.

The new playlist feature makes it a much more organized YouTube. A small selection of related artists at the foot of the track list gives you more listening options. You can also see that the playlists are populated with all videos available on the artist – that includes unofficial fan uploads as well.

YouTube Playlist

Now add to this the YouTube-centric changes we have seen so far. A few weeks back, in an experimental move, Google had started displaying links to YouTube videos on top of the search results. The Knowledge Graph also brings up a list of tracks from an artist on the right of the results page. Click on any song and it opens with the prominent display of the YouTube video and deeper results on their body of work.

There’s also some talk of a YouTube-based music and video subscription service. User-friendly discoverability of songs and artists has to be the key when YouTube goes against the other popular music streaming services. This is a small step in the right direction, so give us your take on this added feature.

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