YouTube Launches YouTube For Schools, Features Safe & Educational Content Only [News]

youtube logo   YouTube Launches YouTube For Schools, Features Safe & Educational Content Only [News]Do you remember your excitement as a student when the teacher rolled in that huge TV on a cart and announced that you were going to watch a movie? Those were usually the best and most memorable classes. Google figured this out, and so have launched a special YouTube network, just for schools and universities.

YouTube for Schools is a special network which school administrators can turn on to grant access only to YouTube EDU content. YouTube EDU is a huge source of educational videos which is divided into videos for primary & secondary education, university and lifelong learning.

But anyone can access YouTube EDU from anywhere, so what’s special about YouTube for School? Using the network, schools can use content from YouTube EDU in a way that doesn’t expose students to inappropriate content. There are no related videos, no comments, and only educational videos to go around. To make it easier for teachers to find the right videos, they have been divided into categories such as math, science and social studies, and are further divided into subjects and grade levels within these categories.

In order to get started, head over to YouTube for Schools and sign up using the school’s Google account. YouTube for Schools can actually be a useful solution for other organizations, who wish to allow only educational, appropriate content.

Do you like the idea? Or do you think it’s bad for education? Share your opinions in the comments.

Source: Official YouTube Blog

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I guess this’ll crush 

Anwaar Amjad Ansari

Good initiative by Youtube. It will help the students lot better.

BTW , I’m loving your new desgin


Thanks! That’s great to hear. :)


Thats motivating for schools to engage students in a new and safe way with internet. Fantastic idea! This should encourage many great educational content uploads for sure. A step to drive the fact that internet is good for students! Its anway Google..parents or teachers can believe that their kids are in safe hands.