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Popular TV Show “Mad Men” returned to TV recently, and YouTube is looking to cash in on the show’s incredible popularity with a choose your own adventure game that puts the player in the shoes of the main character, Don Draper. The game features retro visuals and audio, which feels plucked right out of an NES game. In all, the game features a total of 40 videos, some of which you will not see on your first play through, depending on your choices.

Even though “Mad Men” takes place well before the launch of video games with the graphical style it is using, the old school visuals add a certain charm, since the game takes place in the 60s. For a television show that prompted popular clothing company Banana Republic to launch an entire retro clothing line, the old school video game feel is incredibly fitting.

There are a total of three different endings to the game, and as with any choose your own adventure, you are responsible for which ending you see.

The game is created by the Fine Brothers, who previously brought a game to YouTube based on the 90s television show “Saved By the Bell.” For fans of “Mad Men,” this is a must-play game, and should hold you over until episode 2 comes on next week.

Check the game out here!


Source: Cnet

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