YouTube Comes Back To The iPhone In A New Ad Supported App [Updates]

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Last month Apple had decided to discontinue the YouTube app in its beta release of the updated iOS (iOS 6) operating system. It looked like another front had been opened in the continuing rivalry of Apple and Google. It was announced that a new re-designed app from Google might be coming soon. It has arrived, says the latest announcement posted on YouTube’s blog, its sunny smiles all around as the YouTube app makes a comeback to the iTunes store. It is now available for download.

In the end, the reason is very logical – advertising. The app has been built from scratch and according to the blog it should offer YouTube users a “newer” video browsing experience mirroring the one in all other platforms. The new app comes with ad-support, so now YouTube has opened up thousands of videos which weren’t possible the ‘no-advertisement’ version of the app designed by Apple.

Mobile users missed out on millions of videos because the no-advertisement policy of Apple meant copyrighted videos weren’t available on the platform.

The new YouTube app seems to be slicker and more browsing friendly. An iPad version of the app is in the works and should be released soon. The changes should ramp up the mobile viewership on Apple’s devices and on YouTube for mobile which is already close to 1 billion views a day.

Source: CNET

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Ahmed Khalil

google already announce its official app for youtube for iOS, it looks very good

Ahmed Khalil

any way more options is better than one only, thanks apple for remove your bad app for youtube



I love it, specially when i can see the description of the video. Very easy to use.



Kinda funny that the YouTube App only appears as #3 (the US App Store) and #9 (the Australian App Store) when you search for “youtube”…

Saikat Basu

Give it time. It should surely climb up :)


Alex Perkins

Why did apple remove it anyway its not like it was doing any harm.

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