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Do you like watching videos? Do you think you can predict what the world’s next viral videos would be? Or maybe you’re just bored and looking for some new YouTube action? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, you’re going to love the new joint effort coming our way from YouTube and Google Research.

This new feature, which goes by the name of YouTube Slam, is a head-to-head match race between two videos at a time, and you get to vote for your favorite of the two. Each week, there will be new videos to watch and choose from, and the votes will be tallied on the YouTube Slam leaderboard.


The videos are not random, you can choose from five different Slam channels: comedy, cute, music, bizarre and dance. Just pick a category and start playing the game!

But it gets even more interesting. Not only can you test your viral-video predictive abilities, if you’re good at it, you also get points. You can then enjoy the game even further by comparing your score with friends and seeing who the best predictor of viral videos is. You can also subscribe to Slam channels to keep track of all the top videos in each one.


What do you think of YouTube Slam? Is it your favorite new game, or a waste of time?

Source: YouTube Blog

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