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The worlds most popular way to share and watch videos has received a small update that brings a few improvements. YouTube has quietly rolled out these new features, and while they won’t necessarily revolutionize the way you watch and create videos on YouTube, they are some very nice changes that keep them ahead of the pack in terms of creating and watching videos on the web.

The first change this new update brings is with the screen that comes up when you finish watching a video. The new end of video screen is more like a mosaic, making it easier to find exactly what you want to watch next. It’s a small change, but it is one that makes finding more content similar to what you just watched a little easier, plus it looks a lot nicer than the old one.

The next change comes in the playlist bar. The video images are larger now, making it easier to see what the video looks like, and decide if it is something that is worth your time. They also improve the placement of the next and previous buttons for easier navigation between videos.

YouTube also improved their charts feature. Charts is the feature that allows you to see what videos are the most popular, and they streamlined it to make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

They also added localization for more countries such as Kenya, Singapore and the Philippines, bringing their total to 35 countries.

The last change is a partnership with cloud-based video editing service WeVideo for creators.

Source: YouTube Official Blog

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