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YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen recently launched their answer to Vine and Instagram for iOS and the Web on Thursday, and the Android version is set to be released in several weeks. The new personal video app called MixBit takes a cue from its predecessors by letting users record brief 16-second videos on their smartphones.

Following the trend of mini-videos, smartphone filmmakers can produce clips with an app powered by the original creators of widespread home video distribution. However, unlike Vine and Instagram 8 Ways To Discover The Best Instagram & Vine Videos Online 8 Ways To Discover The Best Instagram & Vine Videos Online Neither Vine nor Instagram offer a good way to search and find videos., but there are a few ways to search for Instagram and Vine videos from the comfort of your computer. We've already introduced... Read More , MixBit takes a cue from the YouTube mothership and implements several unique editing and sharing features.

For instance, users can cut several bits of footage together to develop their 16-second video, but in contrast to MixBit’s counterparts, 256 16-second videos can be edited and pieced together for an hour-long video within the app itself.

Another unique feature is the open sharing of videos, turning MixBit’s website into a type of stock footage source. Users can pull videos created by other users and include them within their own creations.

“The whole purpose of MixBit is to reuse the content within the system,” Hurley said in a recent interview found on Bits, the New York Times tech blog. “I really want to focus on great stories that people can tell.”

One feature that has not been widely publicized is the fact that MixBit is totally and completely anonymous. All videos uploaded are property of the community, and some users may dislike this. However, this also allows more freedom in developing unique videos.

Will you make use of MixBit? Do you believe the communal concept of MixBit is worth trying out?

Source: MixBit via Bits

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