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Google has just released a massive update for its YouTube Windows Phone 8 app that promises a complete redesign of the look and feel of the app, as well as a slew of new features that should make Windows Phone users very happy.

Prior to this update, YouTube on Windows Phone 8 essentially looked like a mobile version of YouTube for Web, which was usable but not much more than that. With this recent update, it actually becomes a full-featured YouTube application designed to take full advantage of the functionality offered on Windows Phone 8.

The biggest feature in the new version of YouTube for Windows Phone is pinning. This lets you select a video, playlist, or search query you like and have it stored on your Start menu for easy access at any time. The update also adds a My YouTube page where you can manage your profile. From here, you can also work with your uploads and playlists.

The update also adds a quick access search bar, which should come in handy for finding items quickly from within the app. The social features of the app are now better integrated with Microsoft’s mobile OS, allowing users to share videos to social networks, e-mail, and via text messages.

The final major feature is called Kid’s Corner. This is a place for parents to control the kinds of content their children are allowed to watch on their devices. Videos pinned to the Live Tiles will also have the same limitations, so parents pinning videos they do not want their kids to see will not have to worry about them grabbing their device and watching them.

Grab the new version of YouTube for Windows Phone from the Windows Store.

Did you get a chance to try the new version of YouTube on Windows Phone? What do you think?

Source: Windows Phone Blog via TheNextWeb

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