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Google has announced some new features to YouTube’s iOS app, and live streaming is by far the most popular one. The new feature lets you tune into live broadcasts on YouTube and stream them to your device as and when they happen. The other changes announced by Google are aimed at enhancing performance and usability to better manage your YouTube entertainment.

YouTube’s new live-streaming feature makes it possible to catch the latest broadcasts on sports, music, news etc. wherever you are, using your iDevice. But Google doesn’t want you to switch off the TV just yet; the new YouTube update also brings TV queuing, letting you to line up YouTube videos to play on your TV. If you like to watch music videos, set it up and use the previously announced Send to TV feature to beam the shows and use your smartphone like a remote.

The new version also includes a My Subscriptions feed on the Guide, giving you instant access to new uploads from your subscriptions. As usual, bug fixes and performance improvements are also part of the deal. With the fresh coat of paint, YouTube’s app is trying to tune into your entertainment needs. You should no longer need a media hub between your smartphone and TV. The app is it.

Give YouTube 1.3 by downloading from the App Store.

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Source: The Verge

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