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Google has been rolling out some major changes to its YouTube app YouTube For iOS Adds Live Streams, Video Queuing, & Other Features [Updates] YouTube For iOS Adds Live Streams, Video Queuing, & Other Features [Updates] Google has announced some new features to YouTube’s iOS app, and live streaming is by far the most popular one. The new feature lets you tune into live broadcasts on YouTube and stream them to... Read More lately, and it looks like the Android version of the app has received a useful – albeit comparatively minor – change to its interface. In short, this significant change will allow users to minimize videos while they browse or search while in-app.

In the past, Android’s YouTube users absolutely had to stop the video whenever searching and browsing, limiting the otherwise fluid nature of the app.

The new version of the Android YouTube app will minimize the video to the lower-right screen of your phone and continue to play. This adds a seamless touch to the software.

Of course, this is just the highlight of the new release of the app. The app also now allows for easier discovery of playlists on channels and the ability to watch collections back-to-back. Other than that, the “picture-in-picture” feature is the only shining star of the update.

It’s obvious that this feature will integrate with the recently released Chromecast. For instance, users can see a preview screen on their device while a video is playing via Chromecast Google Takes On TV With The $35 Chromecast [Updates] Google Takes On TV With The $35 Chromecast [Updates] Media-lovers rejoice! Released on Wednesday, Google has developed a new way to bring great content from the Internet straight to your television: the Chromecast, an interesting little gadget that plugs straight into your television's HDMI... Read More (or on a Smart TV).


As a final note, this update has only been confirmed for Android. At this time, there has been no mention of this feature being released for iOS.

This update is expected to be released on Android devices relatively soon. Those of you who are itching to get a look at it now can download the APK from Android Police.

What do you think of this new feature for the YouTube app for Android? Do you believe it will be useful? On the other hand, do you think it’s just fluff?

Sources: Android Police via TechCrunch

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