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For all the filmmaking enthusiasts out there, the Internet offers various tutorial websites that help polish your movie making and movie editing skills. To improve its users’ video making skills, YouTube is now offering a lot more than online video tutorials with its YouTube Creator Program.

improve your video making skills

The YouTube Creator Program is a competition that YouTube is holding for residents of the US who are more than 18 years of age. Along with submitting a video you will need to answer two questions that resemble personal statements. Since YouTube videos comprise of shorts, webcasts, and a variety of other forms, YouTube has not placed any restriction on the genre of video you submit. The format restrictions include a maximum length of 2 minutes and the complete absence of any music, even your own.

People selected by the program will earn video-making tuition, round-trip airfare, food, and rooming costs. Members of the program will learn from a newly-created new media curriculum while using new media tools. They will engage intimately with world-class faculty, industry leaders, YouTube leaders, and top YouTube stars. They will build a customized and upgraded brand channel, video blog on experiences, and start building a global audience.

Finally the members will produce a single piece of work, whether it be a talk show, nature video, short film, etc, that, by the end of the program, will be promoted by YouTube and its partners.

Demo video:


For submission and other details on the YouTube Creator Program, pay a visit to

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