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YouTube is rolling out a new way to help content creators make more money from their videos. In April, YouTube added a brand new feature that allowed content creators to choose which format of ads are displayed on newly uploaded videos by default. They could then choose to have the TrueView in-stream ads, which are the ones that are skippable after five seconds. This helped make getting content online quicker for creators because they no longer had to choose how to monetize each video.

To go along with that update, YouTube is now helping creators monetize their old videos easily. Starting on November 9th, all YouTube videos in a creator’s history will automatically receive their default ad selection. For prolific creators, this will save them hours of going back and manually applying these settings to each video.

If you, as a creator, want your old videos to be monetized this way, simply do nothing, and YouTube will apply the update to your videos automatically. If you do not want your old videos to be changed, YouTube is offering an opt-out feature that must be enabled by November 9. Simply go to your My Videos page on YouTube and opt-out. Your old videos will remain monetized however they are currently, and no changes will happen on the 9th.

This is a great time saver for YouTube creators, and it should help them increase their profit, which will hopefully help them create more enjoyable content for the rest of us to watch.

Source: YouTube

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