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YouTube has always been very good about adding basic video editing features to its platform for non-savvy amateur editors. However, the video sharing site released a newer, much more advanced feature for its editing suite How Functional Is The Current YouTube Video Editor? How Functional Is The Current YouTube Video Editor? A while back, Matt wrote an article about the 2010 YouTube Video Editor, and although it doesn't seem that long ago, a lot has changed. Back then, it had a few basic features, but in... Read More on Tuesday: an automatic slow motion tool.

This new tool will allow users to transform fake high-speed capture videos from those shot with a normal frame-rate. In short, this means that the editing tool generates extra frames based on existing ones. These generated frames are then inserted between the actual frames, causing a much smoother look for users who opt to go the automatic slow-motion route.

In the past, home videos that were slowed down typically displayed a stuttering effect as frames were stretched to compensate. With the new automatic slow motion tool, users can say goodbye to these ghost-like frames.

The tool is a bit more advanced than regular video editing utilities like splicing and cutting, but it does have a place next to YouTube’s similarly advanced stabilizer. Both the stabilization and automatic slow motion tool are akin to features found in professional video applications like Adobe After Effects.

The automatic slow motion tool is by no means perfect, but it’s a gigantic leap for home video. Soon, users could be posting slow motion clips of their child scoring the final goal, the family dog drying himself off after bath time, and fun tricks on the trampoline in the backyard. For those of you who are interested in the new feature, check out YouTube’s shot of Times Square slowed down to 1/8th of its original speed.

Will you make use of the new automatic slow down tool? Are you glad that YouTube has added it to its tool set?

Source: The Verge

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