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Make the most of your holiday flicks, your special projects, your hobby, or anything that involves telling your story with text and photos. YouTellYou offers an interactive online service to make photo magazine online and share your story with others.

First grab, tag, and annotate  images into a magazine format, pulling in photos from Smugmug, Facebook, Flickr or direct from the computer. Here we have a free service to make shareable magazines of our lives.

make photo magazine

Pictures may be organized into layouts of one or two photos per section with optional captions for most layouts. You can even geotag your photos and see them on a map. Some websites automatically find the people’s faces in the photos and create special albums for each person.

Navigation is not always intuitive, and the black background in the finished product may not suit everyone. However, as this service matures, more photo enthusiasts will enjoy the opportunity to create stories with their photos to share with their personal social network.

make photo magazine



  • Create cool photo websites to tell your story.
  • Use images from multiple photo repositories (Smugmug, Facebook, Flickr).
  • Option to view bigger images.
  • Linkback URL to original images.
  • Geo-positioning.
  • Easily shared via Twitter or email.
  • Includes comment field.
  • Similar site: PhotoSwarm.

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  1. Ruggero Domenichini
    January 17, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    Hi, thanks for the review. I just want to invite everyone to try YouTellYou: it's easy, it's fun, it's free!
    Unleash the great reporters in you...
    And once you have a story, share it via email, Twitter, your blog.
    The more great stories we have, the more readers, the more authors...

    ANY feedback appreciated!