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Large file transfer site YouSendIt has released an excellent plugin for Microsoft Outlook. With this plugin you’re able to send large files to any email address directly from Outlook. Simply attach the file as you normally do and let the plugin do the heavy lifiting. One really neat feature is the ability to configure the plugin to use YouSendIt for files larger than a pre-selected size.

send large files through email


  • Send large files (videos etc.) directly from Outlook. No need to launch external program.
  • Avoid serer slow downs and email bounce-backs.
  • Send files to multiple recipients.
  • Auto resumes file upload in case your PC was shut down.
  • Set it to automatically use YouSendIt when the attached files are bigger than certain size.
  • You must be a registered user to be able to use YouSendIt Outlook plugin.
  • For more details check out Outlook plugin FAQ section.
  • Free account is limited to 100 downloads per file and lets you send files upto 100 MB in size

Download YouSendIt Outlook plugin @

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