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While there are many real-time content discovery engines available, YourVersion is an interesting one. It helps you discover cool stuff on the internet in real time, which are tailor made to your interests. And as you come across new stuff, you can easily bookmark as well as share them with friends on various social networks.

You can get personalized real time information from blogs, news and multimedia sites and social sites like Twitter. Also organize the pages by interest and share them on Twitter, Facebook or via email.

web recommendation

There are two ways to use YourVersion – you can either visit the site online or install provided toolbar on to your browser. In both cases registration is required.

content recommendation engine


  • Personalized content recommendation engine that tells you about cool stuff on the web.
  • Get real time recommendations in accordance with your interests.
  • Bookmark and share recommended links stuff easily.
  • Content is sourced from all over the internet including blogs, news sites, social sites… etc.
  • Browser toolbar available.
  • Watch demo video here.
  • Free, registration required.

Check out YourVersion @

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