YouRepeat: YouTube Videos Repeater

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Sometimes there’s this great song or funny video that you can’t get enough of! YouRepeat is a simple youtube video repeater that continuously plays a video until you stop it. To start, simply search for a video at and play it. The video will automatically repeat once it ends.

You can also place a button on your browser’s toolbar so anytime you are watching a video on YouTube you can simple click it to put the video in repeat mode. You can also repeat a video by replacing the word tube in a video’s URL with the word repeat. So would become and will automatically put your video in repeat mode.

yourepeat   YouRepeat: YouTube Videos Repeater


  • Easily repeat YouTube videos.
  • Tweak any video’s URL to put it in repeat mode.
  • Use the handy bookmark button for easy access.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tools: TubeReplay and YouTubeRepeater.

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I use to loop videos, it’s very easy to do.

In the address bar, add the word “infinite” before the word “youtube”. This is the easiest way to put Youtube videos on loop. When you are finished your address bar should be changed from:


You can also go to and just paste in a link to the video or even search for videos.