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Sometimes there’s this great song or funny video that you can’t get enough of! YouRepeat is a simple youtube video repeater that continuously plays a video until you stop it. To start, simply search for a video at and play it. The video will automatically repeat once it ends.

You can also place a button on your browser’s toolbar so anytime you are watching a video on YouTube you can simple click it to put the video in repeat mode. You can also repeat a video by replacing the word tube in a video’s URL with the word repeat. So would become and will automatically put your video in repeat mode.

youtube video repeater


  • Easily repeat YouTube videos.
  • Tweak any video’s URL to put it in repeat mode.
  • Use the handy bookmark button for easy access.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tools: TubeReplay and YouTubeRepeater.

Visit YouRepeat @

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