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free musicSound Sunday is a weekly feature promoting legal and free music downloads. Every edition invites you to explore various genres and artists from around the world. This week you will have to hang in for a bit of a journey from classic genres to experimental and abstract music, all held together by pleasant melodies.

Note that name your price albums can be downloaded for free by entering 0 in the price field. That said, we strongly recommend you to donate a few dollars for music you enjoy!

You are welcome to submit your music, send suggestions with free albums you have discovered, or request genres I haven’t covered in a while. For all Sound Sunday related inquiries, please contact Tina [tina at makeuseof dot com].

Free Song Supafuh & JoBee Project – Words

Genre: pop, trip-hop

From the song page: “Supafuh invited JoBee to collaborate on some music he made, and this song WORDS is the fruit of their meeting in studio in Orleans already 2 years ago!

Words is a free download from SoundCloud.

Twenty8 – Cycles Per Second

Genre: alternative, indie, grunge, modern rock, punk

From their Facebook page: “Twenty8 was formed in February of 2012 by Chad Smith, Tate McDonald, and Adam Smith. Their collective passion for music, ambition, and talent brought the trio together and the result was original, energetic music. From Las Vegas, Nevada, Twenty8 brings a unique mix of pop, punk, grunge, and modern rock together to form a sound that is both familiar and innovative at the same time.

Cycles Per Second is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Slum Party – Magic Scents

Genre: rock, garage rock

With a budget of zero dollars, one microphone, and a MacBook the four members of Slum Party set out to make a moody, modern, new-wave record. Mixing the eccentric drum stylings of Jen Chaffin, the enthusiastic newness of Brittany Smith, the folk sweetness of Riley Kurtenbach, and the prolific, blues-rock grind of William Chaffin “Magic Scents” is a trashy pop, anti-folk, gloomy new-wave trip. Ten songs that announce the marrying of classic new-wave records and modern post-punk chill out.

Magic Scents is a free download from Bandcamp.

Featured Video: Likely Lads – Swings & Roundabouts

Genre: alternative, indie, rock

Likely Lads’ demo album was featured in Sound Sunday back in June. Melrose Yard Demos continues to be a free download from Bandcamp.

In November, the band released the follow-up EP Swings & Roundabouts. From the press kit: “Opening with the title track, huge guitar riffs and upbeat drums hit you straight on, instantly giving you a taste of what’s to come in the next 20 minutes. With a sixties style swung rhythm and a huge guitar solo, elements of the great bands of the past can be subtly heard throughout this modern day anthem.” The album is available for a small fee through Bandcamp.

The Oh Hellos – Through the Deep, Dark Valley

Genre: indie, acoustic, eclectic, folk, rock, cinematic pop

From their Bandcamp profile: “The Oh Hellos are Maggie and Tyler Heath, music-making siblings hailing from the great state of Texas. Their influences range from Los Campesinos! and The Lumineers to Sufjan Stevens and The Middle East, bending and blending styles and genres into a unique mixture of eclectic folk rock.

Through the Deep, Dark Valley is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Maxey Nicholson Noller – Blues in the Kitchen

Genre: jazz, blues, guitar

From the album page: “Blues in the Kitchen is an EP that is a part of a series of 6 albums in 12 months. It’s album number five and a half. [It’s] a follow up to Argument for the Blues 10 Free Blues & Jazz Albums [Sound Sunday] 10 Free Blues & Jazz Albums [Sound Sunday] Sound Sunday is a weekly feature promoting free album downloads. Following last week's excursion into Punk Rock, we return to a more quiet theme this week. This edition explores the different shades of blues and... Read More , by Maxey Nicholson. It’s a 4 song serial release (one song per week in September 2012).

Blues in the Kitchen is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Michelle Xen – Synaesthesiac

Genre: experimental, electronic, pop, bass, trip hop

From the album page: “Michelle Xen is an electronic music producer, vocalist and visual artist. Her sound is constructed mostly in her bedroom, from synthlines from the 80s, fat drums, dirty bass and a big heart. Experiments, intuitions, dancefloor risks and visual indulgence are all welcome in her world which echoes sounds of MDNR, Moloko, & Oh Land.

Synaesthesiac is a free download from Bandcamp.

Jostereo – Once Upon A time In Praha

Genre: instrumental, hop hop

French beat maker Jostereo combines rhythmic beats with atmospheric sounds, creating new musical spheres. He has collected influences in Barcelona, Toronto, and Los Angeles. The present album was recorded in Prague.

Once Upon A time In Praha is a free download from Bandcamp.

OVERWERK – After Hours

Genre: electronic, house, edm, ep

From his Bandcamp page: “Edmond Huszar is OVERWERK. The 23-year old producer and songwriter from London, Canada introduced himself to the world of electro with the release of his debut EP ‘The Nth °’ last November. Now, one year later, he follows up with his highly anticipated sophomore EP, ‘After Hours’.

After Hours is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Michal Menert & Break Science – Twilight Frequency

Genre: instrumental, electronic, breakbeat, dubstep

From Break Science’s homepage: “The Brooklyn based electronic duo, Break Science kicked off 2012 with the release of their second EP titled Monolith Code. Winter 2012 saw the co-produced EP titled Twilight Frequency, the fruit of the collaborative efforts between Break Science & Michal Menert. As seasoned producers and touring veterans, Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee have produced and performed with everyone from The Fugees, Wu Tang Clan, and Talib Kweli, to reggae Lee Scratch Perry and Miles Davis collaborator, John Scofield. On Monolith Code, Break Science evokes a wide spectrum of electronic genres filtered through a musician’s lens, all while moving people spiritually AND on the dance floor.

Twilight Frequency is a free download from Bandcamp.

Photay – Selftitled

Genre: ambient, electronic, chillwave

Photay is the moniker of New York based musician Evan Shornstein. From the album page: “This is my first full solo release as Photay. The album is an accumulation of works from 2010-the present. It is an exploration of electronic music and natural sound. Half way through the making of this album I spent a month in Guinea, Africa studying drumming and balafon. The majority of the album was made after the trip while heavily listening to world music and experiencing some culture shock.

Photay is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Fly By No – Endless Space Soundtrack

Genre: abstract, ambient, electronica, trip hop, soundtrack

Game Audio Factory produces audio content for video games with a team of composers and sound designers. Their clients include Atari, Konami, and Ubisoft. As the name reveals, this is the soundtrack for Amplitude Studio’s video game Endless Space.

Endless Space Soundtrack is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

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