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If your parking woes are preventing you from taking your car out, or maybe you are not sure if you know how to park, then You Park Like An Asshole could help you. Contrary to the funny and provocative name, the site actually has some pretty useful info and teaches car parking etiquette.

You can download information notices from the site and stick on cars you find wrongly parked. And if you frequently get parking notices, you can use the site to learn how not to park like an asshole.

car parking etiquette

car parking etiquette

When you click on “got a notice?” at the top navbar of the site, it gives you a few options to choose from. Once you choose, you will see an illustration explaining how a car was parked the wrong way and what should have been the correct parking method. Neat!


  • Educate people on correct parking methods by sharing notices.
  • Learn the right ways to park your car.
  • No sign up needed.
  • Similar tools: Carpong, Zapatag and EMAILACAR.

Check out YouParkLikeAnAsshole @

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  1. sell car
    February 19, 2011 at 11:27 am

    this is really helpful for the drivers