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Do you want to keep a check on what you download? Or what your roommate downloads on your laptop/computer. Well, if you do want to check they use torrents or not, check You Have Downloaded out.


You Have Downloaded is a website that keeps an eye on all the torrents being downloaded in the world and let people see what other people are downloading from torrents. The website also offers people the ability to see what torrents have been downloaded by their IP address. It shows everything, including the file name, its size and the date on which it was downloaded.

A search feature is provided for people to search by IP address to find out if torrents have been downloaded by a particular IP address, or by filename to see the information about the files.


  • Ability to detect if torrents have been downloaded from your computer or given IP address
  • The service is unable to work for people who have dynamic IPs
  • Check statistics on how much torrents are downloaded by given number of people – and total file size
  • Massive database of almost 52 million users, 110k torrents and over 1 million files.

Check out You Have Downloaded @


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  1. Rob Bell
    December 14, 2011 at 11:57 am

    It doesn't work with dynamic IPs, which pretty much counts out most people as their ISP at home probably uses dynamic IPs... can see lots of non-tech people terrified for seconds, then calm again when they realise it's a pretty useless site cos they have dynamic IP.