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Foursquare is used by many people. The app helps you virtually announce which place you are visiting. But if you want to effectively view the past places that checked in through Foursquare you will need to use an external application such as YouCheckins.

check ins on foursquare

YouCheckins is a free user-friendly web service that helps users view their history of Foursquare check ins. The process with which the site works is quite simple. You authorize the app access to your Foursquare account and your history of check ins is pulled by the app. You can then view your checked in history per venue and per month.

You can also opt to view the heatmap of your check ins. The heat map offers an excellent visual way to indicate which places you checked into most.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you view history of Foursquare check ins.
  • Lets you view history by place and month.
  • Provides a heatmap view of your visited places.

Check out YouCheckins @

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