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Booking a time to meet with your customers can become a little complicated. If you use Google Calendar, before you book a meeting you probably first check your calendar for the dates of prescheduled events and see what dates you are available. Through free appointment scheduling tool this becomes a lot easier.

free appointment scheduling

YouCanBook.Me is a free and user friendly website that helps people schedule new events. You start by providing the site with your Gmail address; you then approve the site to collect information from your Google Calendar. You then get a unique URL that can be shared with customers to display your busy and available dates.

When customers click on an available date they are taken to a booking form that they fill out. You can modify the booking form and default settings such that the meeting is scheduled for a specific time and marked on your Google Calendar.

free customer appointment manager

The site has the clear potential of being very successful particularly amongst professionals that are already using Google Calendar.



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