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Controversies aside, Tiger Woods did more for the game of golf than even past greats like Jack Nicklaus or Bobby Jones. He probably would have caught up with Jack Nicklaus in the greatness stakes had it not been for his swinging in the wrong direction. But to his credit, he brought in casual viewers into the game of modern golf and turned them into fans.

And that has probably fanned an interest in golf games. Golf is a game that is played at a snail’s pace. But it is a deceptively difficult game to master. A golf game based on the itsy-bitsy screen of an Android might not give you the right idea, but it is a beginning. So, let’s get addicted to golf with Flick Golf for Android.

A Game for You Even If Aren’t A Golfer

Haven’t held a golf club ever? No worries, because you can easily pick up Flick Golf. As the game’s own introduction says – No clubs. No rules. Just flick, spin and curve your shots to try and sink that perfect hole in one. Watch out for the usual hazards: bunkers, trees, sand… and of course the wind!

Flick Golf is available from the Google Play Store for $0.99. Not free yes, but you get sophisticated graphics and an addictive gameplay. Hopefully you will get hooked.

Get Into the Swing of Things


You learn how hard to swing and how to maneuver the golf ball in the Quickshot Mode. This is where you can practice hitting the target hole in the faraway green by controlling the flight of the ball with the flick of your finger. The longer the flick, the harder is the hit.

The ball will go in the direction of the flick and only vary its trajectory with the wind. Flick while the ball is in the air and spin it in the desired direction. Once it hits the ground you have three bounces to flick and get the ball into the cup.

Unlike real-world golf games, you do not play a full course of eighteen holes. But rather, you play a single hole in different locations around the world, or let’s say different golf course. Here’s how a typical golf course looks like:

The World Tour takes you through a total of eight courses (including two bonus courses), from a Beginner course to the top-level Elite course. The courses mentioned here, from Pinewood Springs in the U.S. to Kapiti Islands in New Zealand are actual gold courses! Each golf course has its own characteristics.

The Quickshot Pro mode is also an eight level assemblage of golf courses. The main difference between the World Tour and Quickshot Pro is the scoring system. But in both, you have to rack up the points and unlock the succeeding levels as you go along. The levels, as is the nature of things, become progressively difficult.

The Scoring System

Your game is scored on the basis of how close the shot lands to the pin marked by surrounding point rings.  You may receive a bunch of points when you hit the bull’s-eye, or a bunch may get deducted if you land in a sand trap or a water pond. In the Quickshot Pro mode, your game is timed and you have to get off as many shots as you can against the clock. The World Tour gives you nine shots per course and you have to rack up the points.

End of Match Report

The golf game is addictive like so many other hit-and-forget styled games because it reduces the complexities in an otherwise complicated game. There are no rules except flicking with or against the wind. You don’t have to choose a particular club to hit a particular shot. Heck! There’s no caddie here.

But you do have to practice the flick a lot as it’s not easy to defeat the elements and estimating the curve on the ball takes some getting used to. That is perhaps the only learning curve the game asks of you. The eye-candy in the way of the beautiful graphics makes the game more enjoyable. The golf courses around the world are nicely detailed, and you do get a slight feel for the game.

The bad? Well, just flicking the ball may get repetitive. An extra level of challenges where you needed more than a single difficult shot to make the ball go into the hole might have been interesting. Controlling the flick sometimes is not very intuitive, but I really don’t know whom I should blame here. Me, or the game mechanics.

There’s not much to nitpick really. This is a simple Android game and expecting the game to be what it is not would be a bit too much. Perhaps our readers also agree, seeing that their collective wisdom has placed Flick Golf on our Best Android Games page. How about a round? Bring your flick to the course.

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  1. Frank Zedmore
    December 10, 2012 at 10:45 am

    Fun game! I really enjoyed it