You Can Now Finally Get a Vanity URL For Your Google Plus Account – If You’re Eligible

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Finally, Google Plus users can get a vanity URL for their profile. Google Plus has been around since 2011, but in those two years, you haven’t been able to get a proper vanity URL for your profile.

A vanity URL is when you can brand yourself on the site by having a specially made URL, with say your name, or the name of your business. It makes finding you or your business easier. Facebook has been offering it since the beginning, and it’s only now that Google is finally catching up.

Up until now, everyone has had to deal with a long line of numbers in their URL instead.

I’m sure you will agree that this arrangement is rather unwieldy and unsightly. It also makes remembering a particular person or business’s page extremely difficult, if not impossible. You would have to bookmark the page to find it again.

But before you get too excited, there is one drawback to this new development. Unlike sites such as Facebook which let you choose what vanity URL you want, Google Plus tells you which one you are being offered.  If you don’t like it, then that’s too bad because that’s the only one you’re being offered – at least for now.  MakeUseOf has been lucky in that we have got a really good one.

But sites such as Google Operating System have been unlucky. They were offered a rather strange concoction of a name –

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The vanity URL scheme is being slowly rolled out to people, so if you don’t see it at the moment, keep checking. It also has some eligibility requirements. Personal profiles need to have 10 or more followers, have a profile photo, and be 30 days old or more. For pages, you need to link your site with your Google Plus page, or use Google Plus Local and verify your business.

Did you get the vanity URL you were after?

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Taha B

google’s requirements to get the link are not clear yet ! I had accounts for some clients for more than 6 months, and i can’t get links for them :S


Rashid Nadeem

I got a email from G+ and claimed my Vanity URL :)

Daniel Escasa

Same here. Although my experience might not quite match what the article says:

Google Plus tells you which one you are being offered. If you don’t like it, then that’s too bad because that’s the only one you’re being offered – at least for now.

I was offered, and the page linked in the email said that if I wanted something else, I’d have to wait for its approval. Not wanting to complicate matters, I decided to take what Google offered



Got one today after my page was created less than a month ago. Perhaps because it’s linked to an active web site for my blog?


Robert Neu

We got ours! We actually had a lot of people ask us how to get one of these, so I wrote a guide explaining how to make sure you fit the criteria and recieve “the email”. :) Check it out!


Richard B

I got mine rather quickly (granted I’ve been using G+ since you needed an invite, so maybe that’s why), and they just gave me /+RichardBorkovec (my name). Seems easy enough to me.


Nitish Persand

Hello my name on Google+ and real life is Nitish PERSAND. I had asked to approve another URL for my Profile because it seems that an attached Name and first Name ( is not good for Your ENTIRE NAME search on the web, and thus one will often have to type your Name and first Name together to find you correctly in google itself, especially if your name has homonyms . For my facebook profile, this problem arose, so I bet it would be the same with Google + !! I recommend that you separate the names with a hyphen.


Christopher West

Havent got mine yet. :(


Marcel Spitz

Hi there,

I just got my G+ URL.
Here is the process I went through:

I don’t know if I got any email, but just thought I would try by entering according to the format of the new URL.

and guess what, it said it doesn’t exist, but when I removed the ending and went to

There was a message at the top that says: Your profile is preapproved for the custom URL:
and also the word Learn with a hyperlink that goes to tghis page:

Anyway, I like my name so I clicked on “Get URL” and got a popup window with this text:

Get a custom URL for your profile
Your public profile’s URL is:
You can change it to:
Don’t like this URL? Request a different one.
I agree to the Terms of Service.

So I checked the box and clicked “Change URL”
It then gave another popup window with the text:

Confirm custom URL for your profile
Are you sure you want to change your profile’s URL to:
If you change your profile to a custom URL, you can’t change it again or transfer the URL to someone else.

so I clicked “Confirmed Choice”

Congratulations, Marcel Spitz!
You’ve claimed the following Google+ URL for your profile:

That’s it.
Hope it works for you too.
Have a great day!


Tom W

The vanity URL it offered me for one of my pages was pretty poor. I’ve changed the website associated with it, and hopefully that changes the url too. I don’t like that the url seems to be based solely on the website address, and not the page name or the Google Places listing attached to it.

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