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As part of its announcement that Sling TV is available on Chromecast, the company is giving away free devices to anyone who signs up for three months of its service. If you already have a Chromecast Chromecast 2.0: What's New? Chromecast 2.0: What's New? The aptly named Chromecast 2.0 is Google's first major revision to the device since it was first released all the way back in July 2013. What's new? Read More , you can instead sign up for two free months of Sling TV.

Either way, getting free stuff is always great!

To put the deal into perspective, the Best of Live TV Package (which is the one you’ll need to get to take advantage of this deal) regularly costs $19.99 a month. Since the deal only works if you prepay for three months, you’re looking at a total cost of $59.97. Plus the cost of a $35 Chromecast, that’s a value of $95.

Sling TV

With the deal, you can get all of that for $60. If you’ve been thinking about getting rid of traditional cable Cut the Cord Forever With These 15 TV Streaming Channels Cut the Cord Forever With These 15 TV Streaming Channels Cable TV is in decline, as the internet provides cheap, on-demand entertainment. Here are 15 of the best TV streaming services to help you cut the cord. Read More and going with an option like Sling TV, this might be the time to make that jump. If you cancel after the three months are up, you still get to keep the Chromecast.

Several popular channels are included in the package, such as AMC, ESPN, HGTV, Food Network, TNT, and many others. It’s not a full replacement for cable, but it offers more than enough for people who have given up cable Considering Canceling Cable? The True Cost of Cutting the Cord Considering Canceling Cable? The True Cost of Cutting the Cord When you add everything up, do you really save money by cutting the cord? We do the math involved with cancelling cable in favor of Internet services. Read More .


Are you going to sign up for this deal, or do you have other means of cutting the cord?

  1. Andrew Gulak
    November 6, 2015 at 11:08 am

    Dammit! No Hallmark? I've been trying to drop cable for years, but my wife, who LOVES the corny Hallmark channel, won't let me until I can stream it from another source. It's probably the only thing left holding me back.

  2. Neal Shafto
    November 6, 2015 at 1:49 am

    looks and sounds great, will this be available and work in Canada.

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