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There is no shortage of free Twitter clients for all platforms, but YoruFukurou, a Mac-only client, offers a couple of interesting features not found in some of the more popular apps. Its clean, minimalist interface, along with its highly customizable appearance should make it a popular option amongst Mac users.

YoruFukurou, or as it’s known in English, NightOwl, is a Twitter client for Mac that allows users to save tabbed searches, customise the app’s toolbar, and has easy access buttons for sharing what you are currently listening to in iTunes or browsing in Safari.

YoruFukurou’s strength lies in how customisable the application is. You can change the colour of the text and backgrounds, using specific colours to highlight mentions or DMs in your personal timeline.

twitter for mac

You can also choose to display your tweets regularly, or you can use YoruFukurou’s Mini-View, where all tweets are collapsed until you select one to open.

twitter for mac


The toolbar is also customisable, allowing you to add or remove buttons, giving you easy access to your preferred options. The buttons that can be added or removed include a Home button, which takes you the Twitter home page in your web browser, a refresh button, and a button that allows you to mark all tweets as read.

Another set of buttons that you can choose to use are the filter buttons – which allow you to filter your timeline displaying either all tweets, tweets from one specific account, or all tweets from a specific conversation. Using the search button, you can search the tweets that appear in your timeline only.

twitter for mac

While you can look up a user’s bio and display their latest tweet using the ‘Drawer’ button, the current release does not allow you to follow/unfollow them. This has been remedied in the Beta release that is also available for download.

twitter apps for mac

The Beta release also includes support for Twitter lists, adds YFrog support for images, and allows you to edit your profile from within the client.

You can view all tweets in five default tabs: Timeline, Mentions, Direct Messages, Favourites and a Search tab, that allows you to search all public tweets.

twitter apps for mac

The Tabs can also be customized, in a manner similar to Tweetdeck’s columns.

twitter apps for mac

You are able to create custom tabs for specific users, with the ability to add more than one user to a tab, or to create custom tabs using keywords.

When it comes to tweeting itself, YoruFukurou allows you to shorten URLs, with, TinyURL, and support. You can also add images, but it should be mentioned that the process is slightly different from other clients. Rather than type the tweet, and then add the image, click on ‘Upload image,’ choose the image you want to share, and add the text in the ‘comment‘ section. Clicking upload will send the tweet to your timeline.

You can also easily share the URL and title from the page you are browsing in Safari, or share the iTunes song you are listening to.

You can reply to tweets or add them to your favourites with the easy-access buttons on each tweet. Bringing up the right-click menu gives you more options including reply to all, send DM, retweet, retweet with comment, amongst others.

One interesting feature that YoruFukurou offers is the ability to ‘block’ specific users you are following without unfollowing them. If you’re following someone, and would rather not see their tweets, you can temporarily block them. There is a similar mute feature in the web client Brizzly, but YoruFukurou takes it one step further by allowing you to block certain keywords or expressions. This feature can be useful if you’re planning to watch a movie, or are following a popular TV show, and don’t want to read any spoilers on Twitter.

YoruFukurou features both growl and sound notifications which can be customised to include new tweets in your timeline, mentions, and DMs amongst others.

Have you tried out the YoruFukurou Twitter client for Mac? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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