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If you can rent movies, a car or a hotel room, then why not an iPad? Well, if you live in New York City or are traveling through the area and need one of Apple’s most popular devices, a New York-based rental service called Flying Connected can hook you up. For a low fee of $15 per day, you can rent a fully connected iPad, loaded with movies, books, magazines and other apps.

Flying Connected also rents cell phones, laptops and notebooks, GPS devices, and other related products for people traveling in and out of New York City.


You can call or reserve the device you want to rent online, and Flying Connected will bring your rental to your hotel room or to the airport. The company says that all sensitive data will be cleared off the rental device and be restored to default factory settings. They will also show you how to remove data yourself, as well as how to use the features of the device.

The company says in its mission statement: “We keep our rates low because we really want as many people as possible to enjoy our services and stay connected when they travel“. For additional fees, you can also rent iPad accessories like an Apple Smart Cover, Camera Connection Kit, or car charger.



Flying Connected will also pick up your rented device , but you will be charged of course for late returns. The company says it will soon have the option for customers to purchase rented devices.

Source: Mashable

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