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Sharing photos online has become easier with websites like Picasa, Flickr, and Facebook. However there are times when you want to get all of the pictures of an event from your friends’ cameras and put them all in the same album. This is what Yogile is all about.  It is a fun photo-sharing website that lets you create online group photo album that other people can access and upload their own pictures to.

online group photo album

Yogile allows not only the creator of the album to edit the album or add pictures, but the other users as well. This is definitely helpful especially if you attended a wedding or a birthday party where it is likely that a lot of people took pictures of the event with their own cameras. Your friends can easily upload their shots and add them to the album that you created.

Only the creator of the album will create a username and password and he could just send the customized URL and e-mail address to those people who would want to add photos either through e-mail attachments or uploading through the website.

group photo albums

Yogile is a free and easy way of sharing photos online, especially for those who just can’t get enough of looking at pictures from every person’s camera.


  • Quick and easy group photo album creator.
  • Transfer up to 100 MB worth of photos per month.
  • Public galleries available.
  • Option to make albums private or public.
  • Password-protect albums.
  • Similar Tools: PicaMatic, Tripntale, and ClosR.

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