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Yiip is a voice messaging service, meaning, you communicate with your friends and other people through the medium of voice, not the same old text bubbles. Not only that, but you have the convenience of sharing those clips with your friends in a private group chat, publicly on Facebook or Twitter, or any other social networking site. On Yiip itself you can follow people and keep up with your friends, journalists, etc.

share voice clips

The app is fairly simple and easy to use. Go to the “Groups” tab, create a new group and add your friends to it from your phonebook, or find any of your Facebook and Twitter friends on Yiip and add them. Once a chat is established, record a message and leave it. Your friends will automatically be notified. You can even add different filters and effects to your recorded voice messages.

If you want, you can just let the Yiip recording go Public so other people may hear it and thus a social network is established.


  • Free and easy to use.
  • Recording voice-messages and share with friends, or public.
  • Converting voice messages into text.
  • Ability to add sound effects, voice clips into Yiip recordings.
  • Hearing voice clips on-the-go.

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